Time for a new chapter
A new kind of advisory
Designed for a new landscape

Année Advisory is a communications agency born in a new era. Based on unparalleled experience and understanding of the unique challenges that listed companies face, we are building a leading agency in the Nordics.

Merging financial and ESG communications

We are built around the unique challenges of listed companies, providing a comprehensive approach to both financial communication and ESG reporting. We guide you from strategy to implementation, enhancing your investment case and corporate story. 

Strategic Communications

We assist companies in identifying, building, and communicating their financial and ESG positions to the capital market and other stakeholders. We assist you in shaping the narrative about your company to create effective communication that sparks interest, highlights potential, mitigates risk, and is grounded in facts.

Corporate reporting

We offer state-of-the-art strategy and implementation for listed companies' corporate reporting. Our aim is to transform your annual and sustainability reports into platforms for your company's corporate communication. We have experience from 500+ reporting projects for some of the largest companies in the Nordics.

Join our team!

We are creating the strongest team in the Nordics and look forward to welcoming new colleagues, clients, and partners during 2024.

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